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Ocean Optics' pH and O2 optical sensors provide a viable alternative to traditional chemical sensing devices and feature transducer materials - applied to the tips of optical fibers or to substrates such as patches or cuvettes.

Our sensors are used in life sciences, pharmaceutical, quality control, food and beverage and a host of other applications.

Our exclusive indicator materials and sol-gel coatings enhance the optical properties in response to specific analytes in their immediate environment -- with formulations available for a variety of oxygen and pH sensing needs.

Thanks to our developments in sensor detection technology and sampling options, you can enjoy lower system prices and greater application versatility than ever before.

Most Popular
The NeoFox® Phase Measurement System is the oxygen sensing system that is making quite a splash.

Choose from bench-top & field-portable options. Check out NeoFox here.

In the News
Ocean Optics Sensors Division USP Class VI Certified
Optical oxygen and pH sensor patches proven for use in a range of bio-sensitive applications.

Read the release here.

Featured Application
NeoFox For Optical Non-Intrusive Measurement
We used our NeoFox® Phase Measurement System and our RedEye Oxygen Patches to conduct analysis of dissolved oxygen and pH in the wine-making process.

Read the findings and conclusions in our application note here.

How They Work
Theory of Operation for Ocean Optics Sensors
Read the theory behind operation of Ocean Optics Sensors and see how they can fit into your application.

Read the notes here.



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